London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2006

Journal Articles

Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy Vol 24, pp.51-69

Claire Ellul, 'Requirements for Topology in 3D GIS' Review Article in Transactions in GIS , 10 (2) pp 157-175

Graeme Evans and Phyllida Shaw, Culture & Regeneration, Arts Research Digest, 37: 1-6

Galina Gornostaeva:
Independent Producer: Internationalization of the
Film Industry. International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 9, N.1. Fall
2006 (with J.Brunet)pdf

Tacit knowledge exchange along the production chain and across
networks: a study of the film and television industry in London. The
International Journal of Knowledge, Culture & Change management.(

Digitisation and face-to-face interactions: The example of the film industry in London. The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp.101-108, (With - A.Pratt), pdf

Cultural industries and cultural consumers in Camden Town. ‘New Start’,

The Night-time economy and sustainable town centres: dilemmas for local government. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning (with M.Roberts) [Accepted]

Leonie Kellaher with Jenny Hockey and David Prendergast
Blowing in the wind? Identity, materiality, and the destinations of human ashes, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute,12: 881-898

Joan Smith

Housing, Homelessness, and Mental Health in GB, Int Journal of Mental Health, Vol. 34 (2) pp. 22-46


Rosita Aiesha & Graeme Evans

VivaCity: Mixed Use and Urban Tourism, In Smith, M (ed) Tourism, Culture and Regeneration, CAB International pp.35-48

Graeme Evans:

Small Cities for a Small Planet: sustaining the Cultural Renaissance. (with Jo Foord) In Jayne & Bell (eds) Small cities: urban experience beyond the metropolis. Routledge pp.151-168

Branding the City of Culture: the Death of City Planning? In Monclus, J. and Guardia, M. (eds) Culture, Urbanism and Planning. Aldershot, Ashgate: 197-214

Hard Branding the Culture City - From Prado to Prada. In Oswalt, P. (ed) Shrinking Cities. Vol.3 (CD), Berlin: 48-76

'ICT and Rural Tourism Enterprises: a case of Aragon, Spain' (with Paola Parravicini, IICTD). In Hall, D and Mitchell, M.(eds) Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business. Bristol, Channel View: 103-120

Leonie Kellaher:

(with Peace, S and Holland, C.) . Environment and Identity in Later Life. Open University Press, McGraw-Hill, pp.182

Ken Worpole
The Social Dimension of Urban Design, Urban Design; Editors: M. Moor & J. Rowland, Routledge, pp.94-99

Research Reports

Sue Bagwell (with Graeme Evans, Jo Foord, Gallina Gornostaeva,Vanessa Newton, Jane Lewis:City Fringe City Growth Strategy Baseline Report

Graeme Evans:

2006 Creative Spaces: Strategies for Creative Spaces: Executive Summary and Lessons Learned Report. Creative London, LDA; Ontario Province and City of Toronto, pp.32 (with M.Gertler et al.),

2006 Creative City Case Study: Berlin Case Study. Creative London, LDA; Ontario Province and City of Toronto, pp.43 (with Antje Witting)

2006 Creative City Case Study: Barcelona. LDA; Ontario/City of Toronto,

2006 Creative City Case Study: London: , LDA/Ontario/City of Toronto,  

Joan Smith:

What happened Next? A report on ex-residents of Foyers, Foyer Federation with O.Browne, V.Newton, A O'Sullivan



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