London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2005

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans:
Rich Mix Cities, From Multicultural Experience to Cosmopolitan Engagement, Journal of European Ethnology, Vol 34:2 pp. 71-84 (with Jo Foord)

'Measure for Measure: Evaluating the Evidence of Culture's Contribution to Regeneration', Urban Studies: Vol. 42 (5/6): pp.959-904

'Mixed-Use and Urban Sustainability', Planning in London, Issue 52, January March 43-46

Leonie Kellaher:
'In the shadow of the traditional grave', Mortality Vol 10(4), pp 237-250 (with David Prendergast & Jenny Hockey)

Janet Rudge and Robert Gilchrist
'Excess winter morbidity among older people at risk of cold homes: a population-based study in a London borough' Journal of Public Health, Vol 9 September, pp 353-358

Steve Shaw & J. Karmowska
Multicultural heritage of European cities and its representation through regeneration programmes; Journal of European Ethnology, December 2005, pp.41-56

Ken Worpole
'The Architecture of Social Democracy', Soundings: A journal of politics and culture, Issue 30, Summer

Book /Chapters

Graeme Evans:
Mundo Maya: From Cancún to City of Culture - World Heritage in post-colonial Mesoamerica. In Harrison, D. and Hitchcock, M. (eds) The Politics of World Heritage. Negotiating Tourism and Conservation. Bristol, Channel View: 35-49

Margaret Gold
Cities of Culture - staging international festivals and the urban agenda 1851-2000 Aldershot: Ashgate (with J.R.Gold)

Leonie Kellaher
The Secret Cemetery . Materialising Culture Series, Oxford: Berg, pp 298. (with Doris Francis and Georgina Neophytu (external)

Leonie Kellaher with Peace, S., Holland C.
'Making Space for Identity' in G.A. Andrews and D.R.Phillips (eds) Ageing and Place. London, Routledge

Leonie Kellaher. with Peace, S., Holland C. 'The Influence of Neighbourhood and Community on Wellbeing and Identity in Later Life: an English perspective' in G.D. Rowles and H. Chaudrey (eds) Coming Home: International Perspectives on Place, Time and Identity in Old Age . New York, Springer

'Getting Out and About' : co-authored with researchers on three GO projects on aspects of environment; in Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age : Growing Older Series edited by A. Walker; Open University Press, Maidenhead.

Ken Worpole (with photographer Jason Orton) 350 Miles: An Essex Journey, ExDRA


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