London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2004

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans:
'Mundo Maya: From Cancun to City of Culture ? World Heritage in post-colonial Mesoamerica', Current Issues in Tourism (Politics of World Heritage special issue) 7(4/5): 35-49

'Whose heritage is it anyway? Reconciling the 'national' and the 'universal' in Québec City', British Journal of Canadian Studies Vol 16(2): pp.333-347

Leonie Kellaher:
'The persity and welfare of older migrants in Europe', Ageing and Society, Vol 24: pp. 307-326, with Warnes, A. et al (externals)

'Resistance, Renewal or Reinvention: The Removal of Ashes from Crematoria' : L. Kellaher & D. Prendergast: Pharos International, Vol 70, Issue 4, winter 2004, pp 10 - 13.

Steve Shaw, Sue Bagwell and J. Karmowska (external):
'Ethnoscapes as Spectacle: Reimaging Multicultural Districts as New Destinations for Leisure and Tourism Consumption', Urban Studies, 41(10):pp.1983-2000

Steve Shaw
'The Canadian World City and Sustainable Downtown Revitalisation: Messages from Montreal 1962-2002', British Journal of Canadian Studies,16(2): pp.363-375


Graeme Evans:
'Cultural Industry Quarters - from pre-industrial to post-industrial production', in Bell, D. & Jayne, M., City of Quarters: Urban Villages in the Contemporary City. Aldershot, Ashgate Press: pp.71-92

Jo Foord and Norman Ginsburg:
'Whose hidden assets? Inner City potential for social cohesion and economic competitiveness', in Boddy, M. and Parkinson, M. City Matters: Competitiveness, cohesion and urban governance. Bristol, Policy Press: 287-306

Margaret Gold & John R. Gold
Cities of Culture: Staging International Festivals and the Urban Agenda, 1851-2000; Ashgate Press, pp303

Steve Shaw and A.Orbasli (external):
'Transport and visitors in historic cities', in L. Lumsden and S. Page (eds) in Progress in Tourism and Transport Research: Issues and agendas for the New Millennium. Oxford, Pergamon: pp. 93-104

Joan Smith:
'Young people, Homelessness and Social Inclusion', in Barry, M. ed. Youth Policy and Social Inclusion: Critical Debates with Young people. London, Routledge: 161-182

Leonie Kellaher
'Quality of Life or A Life of Quality?' with S.M. Peace & C. Holland; in Quality of Life in Old Age : Growing Older Series, ed. A. Walker: Open University Press, Maidenhead.

Research Reports

Graeme Evans, Jo Foord, Shannon Kelley and Jane Lewis:
Research Report on the King's Cross to Finsbury Park Priority Area. London Development Agency. Online database:

Graeme Evans and Phyllida Shaw
A Review of Evidence on the role of Culture in Regeneration. London. Department for Culture Media and Sport, pp.87 pdf

Leonie Kellaher
'The Significance of the Historic Environment for a Cemetery ‘Community’ ; Appendix to City of London Cemetery & Crematorium: Conservation Management Plan. Ed. D. Lambert, Griffiths architects for Corporation of London.

Steve Shaw with WS Atkins and the Institute of Field Archaeology
Measuring the Social Contribution of the Historic Environment. For the National Trust, pp.75

Joan Smith
Identifying Young People at Risk of Homelessness. For the Foyer Federation 'Safe Moves' Project, June. London, Foyer Federation and website

Who is at Risk of Homelessness in North Staftordshire? A study of young homeless people and their pasts'. For ARCH, North Staffs and the Connexions Service, Staffordshire, July

Joan Smith with Mary Ing and Jane Henriques (externals)
Homeless Applications and Homeless Services in a rural county. For Herefordshire County Council, June

Ken Worpole
21st Century Libraries Changing Forms, Changing Functions, CABE & RIBA


Vivacity 2020: Urban Sustainability for the 24 Hour City. London Architecture Biennale, Farmiloes Building, St John Street, London EC1, 19-26 June


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