London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2003

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans:
'Hard Branding the Culture City - From Prado to Prada', International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 27(2): 417-440. Symposium Issue on Branding, the Entertainment Economy and Urban Place Building (Hannigan, J., ed.)

Leonie Kellaher:
'Where have all the ashes gone?', Pharos: International Journal of the Death Care Industry, Autumn: (with Jenny Hockey)


Graeme Evans:
'Cultural Planning in East London', in Kirkham, N. and Miles, M. (eds) Cultures & Settlement. Advances in Art & Urban Futures. Vol.3. Bristol, Intellect Books: 15-30

Margaret Gold

'Representing Culloden: social memory, battlefield heritage and landscapes of regret', in S.P. Hanna and V.J. Del Casino, Jr., eds. Mapping Tourism, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 108-31 (with J.R.Gold)

Joan Smith:
'Gender and Housing Policy', in Somerville, P. and Springings, N., eds. Housing and Social Policy: Contemporary Themes and Critical Perspectives, London: Routledge: 143-171

Juliet Solomon:
'What is Transport Social Exclusion?', in Root, A. (ed.) Delivering Sustainable Transport: A Social Science Perspective. Oxford, Pergamon:

Leonie Kellaher. with Peace, S., Holland C. 'The Influence of Neighbourhood and Community on Wellbeing and Identity in Later Life: an English perspective' in G.D. Rowles and H. Chaudrey (eds) Coming Home: International Perspectives on Place, Time and Identity in Old Age. New York, Springer:

Ken Worpole
Last Landscapes: The Architecture of the Cemetery in the West, Reaktion Books pp.256

The Social Dynamic, in Urban Villages and the Making of Communities, edited
Peter Neal, Spon Press

Research Reports

Sue Bagwell, Mike Hitchcock and Khanh M. Nguyen:
Vietnamese Businesses in London Business Link for London

Graeme Evans and Steve Shaw:
Jubilee Line Extension: Visitor Activity Impact Study (First 'After' Study). Transport for London/JLE Impact Study Unit

Leonie Kellaher with Sheila Peace and Caroline Holland (externals):
Environment and Identity in Later Life: a cross-setting study, ESRC Research Findings 18 (Growing Older programme)

Joan Smith:
Dispersed Foyers: delivering services through diversity. London Foyer Federation

Joan Smith and Claire Worley (external):
'Moving Out.. Moving On'. From Foyer Accommodation to Independent Living. For the YMCA, England and the Housing Corporation. February

Juliet Solomon with Paul Beecham Associates:
Transport Disadvantage and Post-16 Education in Sandwell, Sandwell MBC

Stephen Thake:
Primed for Growth. Adventure Capital Fund Baseline Report. London, New Economics Foundation, pp.40

Ken Worpole

No Particular Place to Go: Children, Young People & Public Space, Groundwork National


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