London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2002

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans
'Living in a World Heritage City: stakeholders in the dialectic of the Universal and the Particular', International Journal of Heritage Studies, 8(2): 117-135

'The UK Lottery and the Arts - The First Seven Years', CIRCULAR No.14. Paris circular: 21-7. Translated into French and Spanish

Margaret Gold
'Understanding narratives of nationhood: film-makers and Culloden', Journal of Geography, 106, 361-70 (with J.R.Gold)

Galina Gornostaeva:
Media cluster in London. In: Economic performance of the European Regions .GEMACA publication. London-Paris, p. 151-160; (with P.Cheshire)

Cities and Regions: comparable measures require comparable territories. In: Economic performance of the European Regions. GEMACA publication. London-Paris, p.13-32; (with P.Cheshire)

Leonie Kellaher:
'Where have all the ashes gone?', Pharos: International Journal of the Death Care Industry , Autumn: (with Jenny Hockey)


Graeme Evans and Jo Foord:
'Shaping the Cultural Landscape: Local Regeneration Effects', in Miles, M. & Hall, T. (eds), Urban Futures: Critical Commentaries on Shaping the City. London, Routledge: 167-181

Leonie Kellaher:
'Is Genuine Choice a Reality? The range and adequacy of living arrangements available to older people' , Leonie Kellaher; in Our Homes: Our Selves: Choice in later life living arrangements : Ed. K. Sumner, Centre for Policy in Ageing & the Housing Corporation.

'The Cemetery: A Site for the Construction of Memory, Identity and Ethnicity' ; D. Francis, L. Kellaher & G. Neophytou, in Social Memory & History: Anthropological Perspectives , Eds. J. Climo & M. Catell, Alta Mira Press

Steve Shaw and Cara Aitchison, Nikki MacLeod (externals):
Leisure and Tourism Landscapes: social and cultural geographies, paperback edition. London, Routledge

Steve Shaw and Graeme Evans:
'The Role of Urban Transport in Regional Development and Regeneration', in Andrews, N. et al. (eds) Tourism Destination Planning. Dublin Institute of Technology: 293-319

Research Reports

Graeme Evans, Jo Foord, Steve Shaw and Mike Mason (LSE):
An Assessment of Success Factors in Policies of Social and Economic Regeneration in Canada and the UK. Interim Report to the Sustained Studies in Contemporary Canadian Studies Programme, Foundation for Canadian Studies UK/Canadian Board of Trade

Juliet Solomon:
Transport and Access to Health Facilities in East London. Kings Fund, with UEL


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