London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2001

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans with Janet Bohrer and Greg Richards (externals):
'Small is Beautiful? - ICT and SMTEs, a European Comparative' Information Technology & Tourism, 2(3/4): 1-15

Graeme Evans with Janet Bohrer and Greg Richards (externals):
'ICT Development and Small Enterprises in Europe' Anatolia: An International Journal, 11(1): 22-40.

Graeme Evans and Steve Shaw
'Urban Leisure and Transport: Regeneration Effects', Journal of Leisure Property, 1/4: 350-372

Jane Lewis and E. Bieler
'Ethnic Minority Business Support in Inner North East London', Rising East, 4(3): 17-45

Steve Shaw & Graeme Evans
Urban Leisure and Transport: Regeneration Effects: Journal of Leisure Property, pp.350-372

Ken Worpole
'The pleasure beaches of East London', in Rising East: A Journal of East London Studies, 4 (3)

The Bankside Urban Forest, Topos 61, December


Graeme Evans:
Cultural Planning: An Urban Renaissance?. London, Routledge, pp.335

Galina Gornostaeva:
More useful Londons: the comparative development of alternative concepts of London. Geographica Helvetica, N 3, pp. 179-192; (with P.Cheshire)

Leonie Kellaher:
'The Cemetery: Evidence of Continuing Bonds', in Hockey, J. (ed.) Grief, Mourning and Death Ritual. Buckingham, Open University Press:

'Shaping everyday life: beyond design', in Peace and Holland (eds), Inclusive Housing. Bristol, Policy Press:

Joan Smith with J.Pierson (eds):
Rebuilding community: policy and practice in urban regeneration, Basingstoke. Palgrave: 189-206

Ken Worpole
Cartels and Lotteries: Heritage and Cultural Policy in Britain, in British Cultural Studies, edited by David Morley & Kevin Robins, Oxford University Press

Research Reports

Graeme Evans
Islington Local Cultural Strategy: Audit and Mapping Report, L.B.Islington Arts & Libraries

Graeme Evans and Phyllida Shaw
Study into the Social Impact of Lottery Good Cause Spending. London, Department for Culture Media & Sport

Joan Smith
Homeless People and their exclusion from Accommodation. For 21st Century Homes, North Staffs. June

Joan Smith with Pautine Ing and Mary Ing (externals)
Making Youth Homelessness Visible: Young People Homeless in the Cotswolds. For Fosseway Housing Association and the Housing Corporation. February

Stephen Thake
Building Communities: Changing Lives: the contribution of large, independent neighbourhood regeneration organisations. York Publishing

Ken Worpole
New Urban Landscapes in London, Groundwork London


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