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Towards the affordable workhome: A community-based initiative with home-based workers in social housing


Frances Holliss
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7133 4481

Brief description

By carrying out a baseline study of home-based work in social housing, this Connected Communities project aims to contribute to legitimising existing, and encouraging prospective, home-based workers amongst social housing residents.  It also aims to contribute to the development of social and economic connectivity and a sense of community among social housing resident home-based workers, and other people in their neighbourhoods, and to a reduction in social and economic isolation and exclusion. The London Met team will be working  in partnership with sociologist Carol Wolkowitz [Warwick University] and community journalist Paul Egglestone [University of Central Lancashire].  The project will explore spatial and environmental problems raised by home-based work in social housing and involve social housing residents in the development of design briefs for future affordable workhomes.  It will also test the feasibility of, and assess the requirements for, a future full-scale affordable workhome prototyping project. 


AHRC Connected Communities Follow-on Fund




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