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The Impact of European Cultural Routes on SMEs innovation and competitiveness


Graeme Evans and Sue Bagwell
Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 4103

Brief Description

The Institute is part of an international team of 'expects' comissioned to evaluate the EU-Council of Europe's Cultural Routes Programme and its impact on SMEs innovation and competitiveness.   The study aims to examine the existing and potential benefits for SMEs of cross-national thematic clustering based on the expereince of the programme.  It will analyse how much Cultural Route networks can benefit SMEs, especially in lesser known destinations, where local culture and heritage are the main resource for development, and how these SMEs concentrations or clusters can create a solid base for promoting Europe as a set of sustainable and high quality tourist destinations by helping to improve the performance and innovation of SMEs.  The metholdogy involves the development of a series of case studies chosen from the 20+ Cultural Routes in operation; the Cities Instiute is undertaking research on Die Hansa. These case studies will be followed by a series of transversal studies to explore key themes of importance to the organisation of the Routes and their impact. 


European Commission and Council of Europe




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