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Success Factors in Urban Regeneration in Canadian and UK Cities


Jo Foord
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7133 4230

Brief description

This 3 year study focused on policy and practice in what makes for successful regeneration in the three largest Canadian metropolitan city regions of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. A comparative framework contrasted urban regeneration in the UK in respect of three key areas: Social inclusion and related diversity agendas and policies; Regeneration programmes at city-regional and provincial levels; and Quality of Life and Sustainable Environments - measurement and indicators. Local area studies included ethnic quarters and enclaves in Montreal; the Vancouver tripartite agreement and regeneration of the downtown eastside; heritage and identity in Quebec City; and city imaging and creative spaces in Toronto. Partners included the University of Toronto, INRS Montreal and the University of British Columbia.


Foundation for Canadian Studies UK/Canadian Department for International Affairs




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