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Integrated Software for Health Transport Efficiency and Artistic Heritage Recovery (ISHTAR)


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Brief description

European cities face common challenges concerning their quality of life: degradation of the urban environment, significant risks for citizen's health, traffic congestion causing stress and economic inefficiency, progressive damage of the artistic and monumental heritage. Additional difficulties derive from the lack of integrated tools that allow cities to make balanced decisions on a wide range of issues. The aim of ISHTAR was to build an advanced software suite for the analysis of the effects of short-term actions and long-term policies to improve the quality of the environment, health and conservation of monuments. The suite included models covering citizen behaviour, transport, vehicles emissions, noise and safety, pollutants dispersion, building-related atmospheric emissions, health, and the degradation of monuments. The model was an innovative tool for advanced urban management and allowed the analysis of the various environmental effects of technical and non-technical measures. Eighteen partners were drawn from cities in Austria, Belgium, Italy and France, and the World Health Organization (WHO) at the UN.


EU Framework 5: The City of Tomorrow & Cultural Heritage





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