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The Healthy Catering Initiative award has been introduced by the Chartered Institute of Enviromental Health to encourage catering businesses to adopt healthier menus and cooking practices.  Businesses signed up to the award have to meet certain minimum criteria and are provided with support in doing this by Environmental Health Officers and/or nutritionists.  The initiative is currently being piloted across a number of London Boroughs with each borough adopting an approach best suited to their local circumstances.  The Cities Insitute has been enaged to undertake 2 studies to evaluate the success of the scheme and in particular analyse the effectiveness of the different implentation approaches.  The first study for the GLA/CIEH will analyse data collected on businesses signing up to the award across London to identify if particular patterns emerge in the type of businesses gaining the HCC award, the changes they have made, and the borough's implementation strategy  The second study, undertaken for 3 West London Boroughs is adopting a qualitative approach interviewing those implementing the scheme and businesses adopting it to gain an more detailed understanding of what works and why.


London Boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster

Greater London Authority





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