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Environments, Housing and the Elderly


Leonie Kellaher, CESSA
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7133 4142

Recent work in this area has involved the following projects:

European Dimensions of Changing Retirement

A network of European researchers which met on a dozen occasions to explore the theme and trend of retirement and the life experiences of older people living abroad, including migrant elders ageing in the northern European cities of London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm

Migrants who have aged and settled in London added to the project through their accounts of entitlements-real and perceived-to social and welfare rights in the UK

Sponsor:  European Science Foundation
Date:       2000-2004

Environments and Identity in Later Life: a cross-setting study

As part of the ESRC Growing Older programme, and with colleagues from the Open University, this project set out to explore the meaning of quality of life in the context of different settings and places occupied by people as they age and need more support. Using ethnographic approaches in three sites: metropolitan, rural and small urban- 56 older people participated through individual interviews at home andin focus groups. The findings are now available through publications, a video and a new methodological tool - the wheel of life. This ESRC project is closely linked to an earlier one, funded by EPSRC, with colleagues in anthropology and architecture at UCL. From Domesticity to Care; profiling the housing stock for older people.

Sponsor: Economic and Social Science Research Council
Date:      2000-2004


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