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Steve Shaw
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Brief description

The project North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR) aims to provide state of the art information to help policy development in e-mobility in the NSR. It will also provide insight into the gaps and needs in respect of infrastructure, logistics and preliminary standards for multi charging techniques. Ultimately, the project will deliver a long-term basis upon which regional and local governments as well as other relevant stakeholders in the NSR may engage on e-mobility. The project involves 11 regions from 7 countries (Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Norway) in the North Sea Region who are working together to develop strategies and action plans to stimulate e-mobility, by encouraging the use of electric cars for local transport. Cities Institute will be using its research expertise and tools and methodoligies (developed through previous projects such as AUNT-SUE, VivaCity, and InSITU resources to develop a programme of knowledge exchange and transfer activites to support the development and promotion of the project amongst partner cities. 

Research Outputs

Kotter, R. and Shaw, S. 2013. Mainstream market acceptance of Electric Vehicles (EVs) – a Micro to Macro Policy Level Investigation. WP 3.6. Research Output, E-Mobility NSR Network.

Evatt, N. 2013. Accessible Route Planning - Prototype Code and Documentation. WP 4.2. Research Output, E-Mobility NSR Network. 


European Commission Interreg IVB North Sea Programme


2011 - 2014



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