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Creative Spaces: Strategies for Creative Cities


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Brief description

"Creative Spaces" was a 2-year international comparative project led by the cities of London and Toronto, which reviewed best practice and current strategies to promote creative industries and economic development. A global research scan was undertaken by the Cities Institute and the University of Toronto on behalf of the London Development Agency and the City of Toronto/Ontario Provincial Government, from which a database resource of creative city policies and evidence was produced. Detailed case studies on comparative cities and creative initiatives were then supported by study tours of European and North American cities, starting in London, Barcelona and Berlin, then Toronto, New York and San Francisco/Silicon Valley. Dissemination to creative practitioners and economic development intermediaries promoted and developed the concepts and transferable strategies to London and Toronto in 2006. The following reports arising from the project can be downloaded:

  1. Executive summary of the final report
    /i60627_3.pdf R06Creative Spaces Summary
  2. London case study
    /y41002_3.pdf RO6 Creative Spaces London
  3. Berlin case study
    /q70420_3.pdf R06 Creative Spaces Berlin
  4. Barcelona case study
    /f39860_3.pdf R06 Creative Spaces Barcelona
  5. Report on Lessons Learnt.
    /a12324_3.pdf RO6 Creative Spaces Lessons Learnt


The Canadian case studies can also be downloaded from this link:


London Development Agency




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