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Estimating the Effects of Cultural and Sporting Regeneration


Jo Foord
Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 4230

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The DCMS Culture and Sport Evidence (CASE) programme has commissioned Cities Institute with TBR (Trends Business Research) to undertake a feasibility study on the possibility of obtaining robust quantitative estimates of the effects of cultural and sporting regeneration (C&S) from existing data sources. The C&S regeneration projects include historic buildings, arts venues, museums, libraries and archives and sporting venues. The principle aim of this scoping project is to identify whether sufficient data are available to undertake an analysis and model of the effects of such projects, including longitudinal business data as a measure of regeneration impact. The effects of C&S regeneration on the number, and price, of commercial and domestic property transactions will also be investigated, as well as relevant social and health impacts, changing sense of place or identity locally, local perceptions and impacts on community cohesion. For details of the CASE programme:




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