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Publications 2011

Journal Articles

Sue Bagwell (2011) 'The role of independent fast-food outlets in obesogenic environments: a case study of East London in the UK' Environment and Planning A 41, 2217-2236

Luciana S. Esteves., Brown, J.M.; Williams, J.J. & Lymbery, G. (2011).
Quantifying thresholds for significant dune erosion along the Sefton
Coast, Northwest England. Geomorphology,

Luciana S. Esteves; Williams, J.J. & Brown, J.M. (2011). Looking for evidence
of climate change impacts in the eastern Irish Sea. Natural Hazards
and Earth Systems, 11, 1641-1656.

Luciana S. Esteves and Williams, J.J. (2011). Characterising the impact of
significant dune erosion along the Sefton Coast, NW England. Coastal
Sediments’11, 684-697.

Graeme Evans 'Cities of Culture and the Regeneration Game' London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries Vol 5 (6)

Graeme Evans (forthcomming) ' Events, cities, and the night-time economy' in Page, S (ed) Handbook of Events, Routledge.

Graeme Evans. ' Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas (SECOA): Coastal Cities and Climate Change' Regions No 283, p 8-10, Regional Studies Associaton

Jo Foord – ‘Creative London: New Directions’, PLANERIN  1/2011, Creative Economy as an Urban Challenge (English/German)

Steve Shaw - ‘Marketing ethnoscapes as spaces of consumption:  Banglatown — London's Curry Capital’, Journal of Town & City Management 1(4)

Maddy Coy, Liz Kelly, Janet Bowstead, and Jo Foord, (2011)'Roads to Nowhere? Mapping Violence Against Womens Services' in Campbell, C (eds), Violence Against Women,

Joan Smith (with Muhic Dizdarevic )(2011) Young Homeless People in the Czech Republic: A Comparative Perspective, European Journal of Homelessness 5(1) 67-85

Research Reports

Sue Bagwell, Evaluation of Islington Community Alcohol Partnership: Baseline Report, Tesco plc

Sue Bagwell Design-Nation: Research on the Demand for Future Services, Design Nation



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