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Community Alcohol Partnerships bring together local agencies (retailers, schools, youth groups, the police and local authority)  to develop strategies designed to address the problem of youth alcohol consumption. The Islington Community Alcohol Partnership is the first inner city CAP in the UK.  The Cities Institute were contracted by Tesco (who sponsored the CAP's youth and educational activities) to evaluate the impact of an initial 9 month pilot phase in Islington.  The evaluation involved the identification of key indicators and a review of a wide range of datasets on crime, anti-social behaviour and accidents, a survey of local residents and retailers, an assessment of the youth and education interventions, and interviews with key stakeholders including young people. The research included a baseline study which identified key indicators and provided an assessment of the baseline position in May 2011.  The final report measured change and the overall impact of the CAP at the end of the pilot phase in January 2012 



Tesco plc


2011 - 2012


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