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Healthy Catering Commitments for SMEs


Sue Bagwell
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Brief description

This Knowledge Exchange project builds on previous research we have undertaken with the independant fast food sector and healthier catering initiatives in London. This identified some of the barriers faced by businesses operating in deprived areas in adopting healthier catering practices.  The aim of the project is to try and address these issues by: 

  • identifying business models that enable independent fast food outlets to adopt healthier menus and catering practices without compromising the profitability of their business
  • enabling public health officials to have a better understanding of the operational barriers which may make it difficult for businesses to make healthier changes.
  • working with businesses and public health officials to identify further behaviour change strategies that can successfully be used by fast food businesses to encourage healthier consumption patterns amongst their customers
  • working with suppliers of independent fast food outlets to identify ways in which products can be reformulated or promoted to encourage businesses to purchase healthier varieties

Project partners include the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, the Greater London Authority, and a Londonwide network of Environmental Health Officers and their managers involved in piloting healthier catering initiatives.

The project has led to the development of a toolkit designed to support those working to encourage healthier catering amongst fast food takeaways in deprived areas.  To download a copy of the toolkit click here


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