London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Publications 2009

Journal Articles

Graeme Evans 'Branding the City of Culture' (chinese version) pp24-27

Graeme Evans 'Creative Cities, Creative Spaces and Urban Policy', Urban Studies, 46(5&6): 1003-1040

Graeme Evans ‘Accessibility, Urban Design and the Whole Journey Environment’, Built
, 35(3): 366-385

Jo Foord 'Strategies for Creative Industries: An International Review', Creative Industries Journal 1(2) pp.91-114 
Juliet Solomon (with Helena Titheridge, Kamalasudhan Achuthan, and Roger L Mackett)
'Assessing the extent of transport social exclusion among the elderly' Journal of Transport and Land Use. Vol 2, (2)pp31-48

Ken Worpole: 'Living with the Dead', essay in Studies Quarterly Review, Dublin, December

Book Chapters

Graeme Evans, ‘Creative Spaces and the Art of Urban Living’. In: Edensor, T.,
Millington, S. (eds) Spaces of Vernacular Creativity: Rethinking the
Cultural Economy. Routledge: 19-32

Graeme Evans ‘From cultural quarters to creative clusters: creative spaces in the new
city economy’
. In: The sustainability and development of cultural
quarters: international perspectives (Legner, M. - ed). Stockholm:
Institute of Urban History: 32-59

Ken Worpole 'Universal Conditions: Modern Childhood', in What is Radical Politics
?, edited by Jonathan Pugh, Palgrave Macmillan, November 2009.

Ken Worpole: Foreword and Chapter, 'The Mothers' Hospital', in Hackney: Modern, Restored,
Forgotten, Ignored
, edited by Lisa Rigg, The Hackney Society, November 2009

Research Reports

Sue Bagwell (with Graeme Evans, Jo Foord, Jane Lewis and Sharon Lambley) 'City Fringe City Growth Strategy Final Report

Graeme Evans(with pmpgenesis) Nuit Blanche London Feasibility Study

Graeme Evans
Territorial Review Copenhagen, OECD

Jo Foord (with Maddy Coy and Liz Kelly)
Map of Gaps 2: The postcode lottery of Violence Against Women support services in Britain, Equality and Human Rights Commission pp77

Ken Worpole: CABE Case Study on Maggie's London, available online in December 2009


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