• Each creative practice as research project will explore specific aims or questions and draw conclusions, via the project, from those explorations. The work should aim to research original ideas/notions/concepts from within the relevant research field and the outcome should be placed in the public domain either as a print or digital publication, film, exhibition or live performance.
  • Researchers wanting to use The Facility will be required to present an abstract outlining their area of research in specific terms. They will be expected to produce some kind of documentation or reflection after the creative practice event. The researcher will be asked to submit a detailed budget and financial report.
  • The Facility can be used by researchers who fall into the following categories: Graduates of London Met courses; academics attached to the university; MA and PHD students; other academics and practitioners who are engaged in serious creative practice research. Undergraduates will not be allowed to submit work.
  • Applicants will be expected to have some kind of track record of research or creative practice.
  • Information about The Facility will be disseminated widely and it will operate an equal opportunities policy.

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