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Photo captions 

1.  Steve Farrer, The Machine, 1978/2011, 35mm film installation. Photo by Steve Blunt

2. Rachel Gomme, Hour (For Penelope),  2011, Performance. Photo by Steve Blunt

3. Delegates to the One More Time symposium & works by Rona Lee. Photo by Steve Blunt

4. Panel at One More Time symposium, L-R:  Lucy Richardson, Rona Lee, Rachel Gomme, Paul St George, Anne Robinson, Helen Spackman, William Raban, Steve Farrer, Claire Zakiewicz, Laura Malacart, Ernst Fischer.  Photo by Steve Blunt

5. Leibniz (Helen Spackman & Ernst Fischer), Allotment, 2011, Performance. Photo by Steve Blunt

6. Rona Lee, Ten Atlantic Days, 2009, 10 x plaster reliefs  & A sailor went to sea, sea, sea to see what he could see, see, see, 2010-11, Time-lapse video 2mins 50secs

7. William Raban, About Now MMX, 2010, 35mm film, 27mins, still courtesy of the artist

8. Paul St George, Woman preparing batter for pancakes by first breaking eggs a,2010, Chronocyclophotography series, photo courtesy of the artist.

9. Laura Malacart, Mi Piace, 2008, video, 13mins, still courtesy of the artist

10. Claire Zakiewicz, Pulmonic Ingressive, Vitality Affects & Gravity, 2011, Performance, photo by A. Robinson



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