Problems and Mysteries  

2nd April 2005
London Metropolitan University
One day symposium.

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Problems and Mysteries

Problems and Mysteries comprised a series of performance research experiments and investigations, videos and discussions, prepared by members of the performance community at London Metropolitan University and their collaborators. Participants were asked to engage with some examples of performance as research and consider the ways in which it contributes to a university research profile.
Performances included experiments in Live Art, Dance, Dance Theatre, and Theatre. Practitioners worked with a diverse body of dancers, actors, choreographers, directors and musicians. They explored space, story, identity, emergence theory, diaspora, history, sci-art, disability and somatics.

Performance work made by:
Weave: Anne Hogan
trace/reverse: Thomas Kampe
The House Opposite: Helen Spackman
Birds/Bodies: Jane Turner
The Butler: Ernst Fischer

Performance talks by
Thomas Kampe
Claire Hodgson (with Pete Edwards)

Film/Video of:
The Missing Piece
Project Phakama
Dust: Ernst Fischer
Urban Rituals/ Installing Absence: Thomas Kampe

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