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Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe: CiCe Erasmus European Academic Network

Funded by

the European Commission's Department of Education and Culture, as part of the Erasmus action in the Life Long Learning programme.


September 2011— September 2014


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CiCe is a large ERASMUS Thematic Network Project, that links together University Departments from 29 European states. The Network is concerned with the higher education provision offered across Europe that helps students understand how children and young people learn about society, identity and citizenship in European context. Some of the courses the member Universities operate are professional courses that educate teachers, social workers, early childhood workers and pedagogues: other courses are in disciplines such as social psychology, politics and economics.

A key aspect of CiCe's programme is the development of national and European-wide policies in citizenship education.

Our first phase ran from 1998 to 2001, and developed a major survey and analysis of citizenship education across Europe, identifying significant gaps and issues.

This was followed by a Dissemination year (2001 — 2002), which organised a series of national conferences and publications highlighting the work of the first three years.

CiCe 2 ran from 2002 to 2005, and focused on a series of issues identified in our earlier activities. Working groups produced detailed reports each year. In this phase we developed a Joint European Masters in Citizenship Education as a separately funded Curriculum Development project: this we hope will start in 2005.

Our third phase, CiCe 3, ran from 2005-2008, and opened four major new areas of activity:

  • supporting the Tuning Process to harmonise higher education activities across Europe
  • building up links between Citizenship education and Society
  • linking Citizenship Education to Research
  • considering Citizenship Education in the context of the wider world, beyond Europe

We have formed an Independent CiCe Association, which is registering as a Charity, and has an elected President and Executive. This Association will continue the work of the network.

The fourth phase of activities, CiCe4, ran from October 2008- September 2011. This phase saw an ambitious programme of development and change, arising from all previous network activities as part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

In our current phase, CiCe5, we are building on the expertise of the Network to set up a Citizenship and Identity Resource Base, we will create an European Centre of Excellence for Research in identity and citizenship as well as address the current issues in the professional education of those who will educate and work with children and young people in citizenship education, to help the development of identity in a European context, and to contribute to the global dimension of the EHEA.

The Network produces a regular newsletter and publications, and has also developed an extensive intranet web-site on which CiCe members are building up and using large sets of data on courses offered by universities across Europe, on national curricula provision for citizenship and social learning, and on the views and opinions of children and young people.

CiCe organises annual conferences across Europe (1999 in London (UK); 2000 in Athens (GR); 2001 in Brugge (BE); 2002 in Budapest (HU); 2003 in Braga (PT); 2004 in Krakow (PO); 2005 in Ljubljana; 2006 in Riga (LT), 2007 in Montpellier (FR), 2008 in Istanbul (TR); 2009 in Malmo (SE); 2010 in Barcelona (ESP); 2011 in Dublin (IRE) and 2012 in York (UK)) as well as smaller and more focused meetings. The 2013 International Conference will be in Lisbon, Portugal.

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