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Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX): scoping and establishing education policy indicators

Funded by

the European Commission's Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (Outcomes for Policy Change project) through the Migration Policy Group and the British Council 


September 2008 — May 2011


The MIPEX project analyses policies of European and North American countries against a raft of indicators based on international conventions, agreements, concords and European policies, recommendations and benchmarks.  Areas such as labour market mobility, family reunion and access to nationality have been surveyed at three year intervals (2005, 2008, 2011), and Education was added as a new area in 2011.  IPSE were invited

a) to scope the possibility of devising education indicators (2008-9)

b) to devise the indicators used by national expert teams to assess national policies in the education area. (2010-11)

Visit the MIPEX website.

Scoping survey: a large number of EU, Council of Europe, UNESO, UN, International Labour Organisation, OECD and other documents were surveyed, and a set of four broad policy area indicators proposed, based on equality of access; equality of outcomes; opportunities to maintain cultural diversity and to integrate; and wider social education for integration.

Indicators: using the four areas, some 23 indicators were constructed, each with a three-point scale of compliance.  These were tested by an international expert group, and then used in each participating country to create an overall country-wide score.

The findings were published in March 2011.

IPSE staff involved: Alistair Ross, Sumi Hollingworth (2008-9), Katie Glass (2009-10)

Publications and dissemination

The MIPEXIII report is published in paper format (English), with smaller country reports in a wide variety of languages.  The data and report are also available on the MIPEX website.

IPSE staff have also participated in dissemination activities in Paris, Berlin and Brussels.  Videos of the Berlin events, at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, are available on line:

Keynote address:

Panel discussion on education:

General discussion on migrant integration:


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