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Leaders in the International Development Programme

Funded by:

National College, NAHT, ACCL and VSO 


November 2010- October 2011


The Leaders in International Development (LiID) programme offers school leaders the chance to undertake three month placements in Africa organised by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). During the three months, they work with senior educationalists and headteachers to develop their management and leadership skills. They then return to their UK schools with enhanced system leadership skills and with first hand knowledge which enables them to develop the global dimension in the curriculum. Meanwhile, in the UK, deputy heads and other leadership team members have the opportunity to temporarily step up into more senior roles (including acting headship) during the participant's absence.

The current evaluation builds on previous evaluations undertaken by IPSE (Hutchings and Smart, 2007; Hutchings and Glass, 2010). This final evaluation brings together the findings of the previous evaluations and new data. It aims to explore the short-term and longer term impacts of participation in the programme for the school leaders and their UK schools, as well as exploring their perceptions of the impact overseas.


Project Team

Merryn Hutchings

Anthea Rose


Merryn Hutchings



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