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ESRC Seminar Series New Perspectives on Education and Culture



The Institute for Policy Studies (IPSE) in Education has been awarded ESRC funding to organise a seminar series titled 'New Perspectives on Education and Culture’. The seminar series is being run in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth. Jocey Quinn (Plymouth) is leading the series, assisted by Kim Allen (IPSE).

Seminars focus on the co-construction of culture and learning, examining both ‘culture’ and ‘learning’ in their broadest sense. The series focuses on new cross-disciplinary connections and perspectives to explore new research on Education and Culture within narratives, disciplines, families, popular culture, professions and local communities.

Each seminar is organised around a number of key questions:

  • How does a focus on ‘culture’ help us to understand ‘learning’ and how does a focus on ‘learning’ help us to understand ‘culture’?
  • How are the inter-sections of ‘culture’ and ‘learning’ shaped by gender, class, sexuality, ‘race’ and ethnicity?
  • How can policy on culture and learning be brought together more effectively?
  • How can better links be made between academic work on education and culture and practice in the educational and cultural sectors?

This series runs from Jan 2011- Jan 2013, with seminars being held at a range of venues across London. Seminars include contributions from IPSE staff and speakers from across a range of disciplines. Each seminar also includes the active involvement of practitioners from related fields. There are spaces for PhD students working in these areas.

The series' website can be found below, with further details and up to date information on each of the seminars and contact information for the organisers:



Kim Allen
Sumi Hollingworth
Jayne Osgood
Anthea Rose


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