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Arts Award Longitudinal Impact Study

Funded by

Arts Council England and Trinity College London


August 2012 - September 2013


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Arts Award is set of national qualifications for young people aged 7-25, which supports them to grow as artists and arts leaders, developing their creativity and communication skills. The project is an exploration and study of the impacts of Arts Award on young people (those aged 11-25) over time (i.e. longitudinally).

The study will examine the extent to which participation in Arts Awards impacts on:

1. Young people’s personal and social skills;

2. Arts-related and creative skills;

3. Knowledge and understanding of the arts and cultural world;

4. Enjoyment, enthusiasm and participation in arts and cultural activities and opportunities;

5. Aspiration and motivation for arts-related further study, careers, or other progression.

The evaluation will also explore the wider impacts of the programme on Arts Award advisers, the settings in which the awards are delivered, and other stakeholders. The research will involve surveys of young people and Arts Award advisers, alongside a number of qualitative interviews with young people, advisors and others.

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Project team

Dr Ayo Mansaray

Sumi Hollingworth

Dr Anna Paraskevopoulou


Dr Ayo Mansaray



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