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Research about Lesson Planning in Schools

Funded by:

Implementation Review Unit and Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group

Department for Children, Schools and Families


June 2008 - December 2008


Aims of the study:

  • to assess whether ‘over-bureaucratisation’ of lesson planning was taking place in a small sample of primary and secondary schools;
  • to investigate the nature of any ‘over-bureaucratisation’, the factors that were contributing to it and the perceptions of the impact of this on teachers and on teaching and learning;
  • to explore and evaluate the range of guidance on lesson planning available to teachers, the extent to which they draw on this, and the ways in which they used it in planning their own teaching;
  • to explore perceptions of the extent to which further guidance was desirable or necessary.


The research was conducted in three stages:

  • in-depth qualitative research in a sample of eight schools
  • interviews with key stakeholders
  • a survey of teachers and headteachers, developed from the findings of the qualitative research

Summary of significant findings:

The executive summary and a copy of the final report will be available on this page shortly


  • All publications related to this project

Project team:

Professor Merryn Hutchings (IPSE) (Project Leader)
Suzanne Burley (Department of Education, LMU) (Academic Leader)
Ayo Mansaray (IPSE)
Kim Allen (IPSE)
Sarah Minty (IPSE)


Merryn Hutchings


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