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Implications of the Minimum Core Requirements for Disabled Teachers

Funded by:

Lifelong Learning UK


February 2008 - March 2008

IPSE were commissioned by Lifelong LearningUK to produce a report on the implications for qualifications design of the minimum core requirements as applied to disabled teachers. The work was led by Professor Jocelyn Robson and Ayo Mansary also contributed to the project, which involved desk research as well as interviews with key informants. A report was made to LLUK at the end of March 2008.

Preliminary work by LLUK had revealed concerns about the nature of the core(particularly the personal skills) and its impact on some groups of teachers, for example, those who have hearing or visual impairments. Legal challenge could be mounted if it was thought that such staff were being prevented from achieving qualified status and from becoming full members of the profession. IPSE were asked to investigate the issues and on the basis of our findings, to advise the LLUK about alternative responses to the difficulty that disabled teachers may have in meeting current minimum core requirements.


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