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Teachers in Supplementary Schools

Funded by:

the National Centre for Languages (CiLT)


November 2007 - March 2008

Aims of the Research

This research has been commissioned by the National Centre for Languages (CiLT), and is designed -

1. To determine how many teachers in supplementary schools would wish to obtain UK Qualified Teaching Status (QTS), and of these, how many would seek to work as teachers in mainstream education, in what capacity, and which subject/phase they would aspire to teach; and what barriers they have (or perceive they have) to obtaining this.

2. To determine the training and other needs that this group might have, either preparatory to one of the existing QTS routes, or possibly through some alternative QTS route, in light of their current qualifications and experience.

3. To devise and deliver courses or other appropriate actions or materials that would address these needs.

In the current phase (to March 31st 2008) we are conducting a pilot study in six contiguous London LEAs to scope objectives 1 and 2 in the locality.


Project team

Alistair Ross

Uvanney Maylor

Sarah Minty

Tozun Issa

Kuyok Kuyok


Alistair Ross -


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