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Evaluation of the Black Childrens' Achievement Pilot (BCAP)

Funded by

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES)


January 2007 - June 2010

IPSE was commissioned in January 2007 to conduct a small scale evaluation of the BCA pilot, to take place between February 2007 and July 2009.


The aim of the evaluation is to:

  • Track Black pupils’ progress, attainment and achievement, their awareness of their heritage and identity and their engagement with their learning;

  • Identify the culture and ethos of schools, including aspects of leadership and management that contribute to the pilot’s goals, including approaches to teaching and learning and local partnerships with EMA, PNS and SIP support;

  • Identify policies which the schools regard as sustainable, related to changes in practice and policy that affect achievement at classroom, school and Local Authority level.

The evaluation will have two key components. One will be a detailed examination of the school and pupil data over the period all of the schools have been involved in the pilot. In most cases this will be based on data that schools already supply to the Department.

The second component will be detailed cases studies of eight schools in four Local Authorities. We have identified a range of Authorities and Schools that represent the range and diversity of Black pupils and their distribution. As part of the case studies we will be interviewing teachers and staff, governors and parents in each school, talking with some of the pupils, and observing lessons. We will also be interviewing BCA consultants. We will be doing this over a period of two years (early summer 2007; late Spring 2008).


Project team

Uvanney Maylor

Sarah Smart

Nicola Rollock

Kuyok Kuyok


Uvanney Maylor -


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