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The Behavioural Impact of Changes in the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS)

Funded by

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES)


February 2007 - December 2007


Led by Mark Peters, BMRB

This research is designed to explore the impact on teachers' working lives of additional pension scheme flexibilities around phased retirement, and a new approach to calculating the salary used for pension benefits, introduced in January 2007. The study aims to investigate awareness of the new pension provisions among teacher s and employers, and whether these provisions will encourage teachers to remain in the profession longer. It also explores implications related to supply modelling, succession planning for leadership posts, and the impact on shortage subjects, particularly maths and science. IPSE is working in collaboration with BMRB (British Market Research Bureau). The project includes both quantitative and qualitative research. BMRB is conducting national surveys of teachers, headteachers as employees, local authority employers, and headteachers as employers. IPSE is conducting qualitative case studies to provide more in-depth data. Each case focuses around one school, and involves interviews with the local authority, the headteacher, and a sample of older teachers. IPSE are also reviewing relevant literature, and providing input on policy and research instrument design for all aspects of the project.

The final report will be submitted to the DfES in December 2007.

BERA 2008 Pensions Paper


Project team

Mark Peters (BMRB, Director)

Ken Seeds (BMRB)

Gareth Edwards (BMRB)

Merryn Hutchings

Sarah Smart

Sarah Minty


Merryn Hutchings -


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