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Mathematical Relationships: identities and participation

Funded by:

the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the British Educational Research Association (BERA)


September 2006 - August 2007

This seminar series brings a lot of people together. It has been set up by Heather Mendick at IPSE, Laura Black at the University of Manchester, Yvette Solomon at Lancaster University, Melissa Rodd at the Institute of Education and Margaret Brown at King's College. We are also working with colleagues at Edinburgh, Cardiff and Sheffield Hallam Universities who are hosting seminars and with a range of speakers including people working in Europe and North America. Participants include academics, teachers and policymakers.

In this seminar series we will use theories on 'identity' to explore processes of inclusion in and exclusion from maths. Our key questions are:

      • How does identity help us to understand processes of inclusion in and exclusion from learning maths?
      • How does social policy influence learner identities in relation to maths and what policy changes might promote participation?

We will explore these through 3 theoretical lenses: sociocultural, discursive and psychoanalytic.

The table below gives details of the first 5 seminars. The sixth will be held at the Institute of Education in early July 2007.


Seminar Details....




Group Work

Selection and Assessment

London Metropolitan University

11th September 2006

Dylan Wiliam

Pe-info Dylan Wiliam

Presentation - Dylan Wiliam

Candia Morgan

Presentation - Candia Morgan

Heather Mendick

Presentation - Heather Mendick

Laura Black

Yvette Solomon

Pre-info - Laura Black & Yvette Solomon

Presentation - Laura Black & Yvette Solomon



8th November 2006

Julian Williams
Pauline Davis

Pre info - Julian Williams & Pauline Davis
Presentation - Julian Williams & Pauline Davis

Stephen Lerman

Pre info - Stephen Lerman

Presentation - Stephen Lerman

Tamara Bibby

Pre info - Tamara Bibby
Data - Tamara Bibby

Tamara seminar extracts KS2
Tamara seminar extracts KS3

Manchester Posters

Manchester Questions



8th January 2007

Birgit Pepin

Pre info - Birgit Pepin
Presentation - Birgit Pepin

Tom Macintyre

Morwenna Griffiths

Pre info - Tom Macintyre & Morwenna Griffiths
Presentation - Tom Macintyre & Morwenna Griffiths
Analysis - Morwenna Griffiths
Data - Morwenna Griffiths

Jenny Shaw

Pre info - Jenny Shaw

Presentation - Jenny Shaw

Edinburgh Posters

Edinburgh Questions



14th March 2007

Jo Boaler

Pre info - Jo Boaler
Presentation - Jo Boaler

Valerie Walkerdine

Pre info - Valerie Walkerdine
Data - Valerie Walkerdine
Presentation - Valerie Walkerdine

Mark Boylan

Hilary Povey

Pre info - Mark Boylan & Hilary Povey
Data - Mark Boylan & Hilary Povey

Cardiff Posters

Cardiff Questions

Teacher Development

Sheffield Hallam

22nd May 2007

Barbara Jaworski

Pre-info - Barbara Jaworski
Presentation - Barbara Jaworski

Tansy Hardy

Pre-info - Tansy Hardy
Presentation - Tansy Hardy

Pat Drake

Pre-info - Pat Drake
Autobiographical data
Presentation - Pat Drake

Sheffield Hallam Posters

Sheffield Hallam Questions

Endings and Next Steps

Institute of Education

5th July 2007

Laura Black

The Sociocultural Strand

Yvette Solomon

The Discourse Strand

Heather Mendick

Journeys: Patricia George and Cathy Smith; Una Hanley; Sally Barton

Patricia George & Cathy Smith
Una Hanley
Sally Barton

More information (including photos) can be found on our main website.

Videos of some of the presentations can be found on youtube.


Project team:

Dr Heather Mendick

Dr Laura Black, University of Manchester

Prof Margaret Brown, Kings College London

Dr Melissa Rodd, Institute of Education

Dr Yvette Solomon, Lancaster University


Heather Mendick - h.mendick@londonmet


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