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Evaluations of the Home Visiting Teams in Sure Start North West Kensington and Sure Start Golborne

Funded by:

Sure Start North West Kensington and Sure Start Golborne


January 2005 - May 2006

Sure Start North West Kensington and Sure Start Golborne Programmes are adjacent to each other in the north of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Sure Start North West Kensington is a second wave programme established in 2000 and serves approximately 1100 children aged 0-4. Sure Start Golborne is a fifth wave programme established in 2002 covering a smaller area with approximately 600 children aged 0-4.

Both programmes serve a diverse multi lingual community with many families living on densely populated social housing developments. Both programmes deliver home visiting services to local families, but each has chosen a different model (North West Kensington is voluntary sector led, whilst Sure Start Golborne is led by the statutory sector) both rely on a multi disciplinary team of staff to deliver the service.


The evaluation was designed to consider in what ways and to what extent each programme met the following objectives:

  • Provided families with a useful introduction to the aims of Sure Start and the services it offers,
  • Encouraged and supported families to use services provided by Sure Start,
  • Provided extra support to families who have complex support needs,
  • Provided a bridge between families and non Sure Start health, local authority and voluntary sector services,
  • Added value to existing services without duplication of effort or alienation of other service providers,
  • Provided a culturally sensitive and accessible service to families from BME groups.


The evaluation was designed to aid strategic understanding and to inform decisions that the programmes can make about how to develop the home visiting services in the future.

To achieve the stated aims the evaluation involved:

  • In-depth interviews with personnel in each of the programmes and with related professionals in partner agencies with whom the home visiting teams work and to whom families are referred,
  • A questionnaire survey to a sample of parents across the two programmes
  • In-depth qualitative interviews with approximately a small sample of parents in the two programme areas who have received home visit(s).
  • Further in-depth qualitative case study interviews with families identified by each programme as having particularly complex needs.


Project Team:

Jayne Osgood
Kathy James


Jayne Osgood -


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