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Teacher Education Addressing Multiculturalism in Europe (TEAM in Europe)

Funded by

the European Commission, Department of Education and Culture


November 2003 - March 2006


An European Commission activity within their 'General activities of observation, analysis and innovation' programme (actions 6.1 and 6.2) within Socrates.

IPSE was the lead partner and project fund-holder for this research programme. Our partners are the University of Patras (Greece), the Université de Toulon et du Var (France), Háskóli Islands (Iceland), and the Uniwersytet Warminsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie (Poland).

The object of this programme was to examine the European and Multicultural characteristics of teachers and their work in Greece, France, Iceland, Poland and the United Kingdom. For each of the countries we:

  • Analysed European/Multicultural aspects of teacher education
  • Analysed teachers' conceptions of their own and their pupils' identities in the European/multiethnic context
  • Identified how teachers are prepared to deal with issues of culture, identity, racism and xenophobia in their professional practice
  • Identified innovatory practice
  • Made prospective recommendations

To this effect we prepared detailed country reports analysing current trends and activities, and conducted trial interviews with teachers, students and lecturers in each country.

Target groups included:

  • Those educating teachers (in the five countries involved, and more widely)
  • Those responsible for teacher recruitment
  • The teaching profession as a whole
  • Indirectly, pupils in their schools
  • Policy makers in the Commission and in national governments.

Our activities included:

  • Analysing existing data, identify gaps and attempt to fill these
  • Interviewing samples of teachers to ascertain and analyse their views of teachers' roles in identity formation (particular with reference to European identity) and n fighting racism and xenophobia.
  • Conducting comparative studies of innovation to recruit teachers more widely, train teachers in aspects of Europe and/or multicultural societies, and train teachers to fight racism in schools.

    Our outputs will included detailed country reports, analytic comparative reports and conference papers.


Project team


Merryn Hutchings

Uvanney Maylor

Alistair Ross


Géraldine Bozec

Jean-Philippe Fons

Gilles Leydier


John Katsillis

Christos Markopoulos

Panayiota Papoulia-Tzelepi

Julia Athena Spinthourakis

George Stamelos


Sigrún Adalbjarnardóttir

Gu?rún Geirsdóttir

Eyrún Rúnarsdóttir


Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz

Asia Strzemecka

El?bieta Wolodzko


Alistair Ross —


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