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Identities, Educational Choices and the White Urban Middle-classes

Funded by

the ESRC (RES-148-25-0023)


May 2005 — October 2007


This project is a qualitative interview study of 180 white middle class respondents (130 parents and 50 young people) living in 3 inner city areas in London, Bristol and Newcastle. The target group is those parents who appear to be 'acting against self interest' by actively choosing socially mixed urban comprehensives. The research examines the extent to which values and principles influence middle-class decision making. The focus is the identity work and the identifications and motivations underlying them of white, middle class parents dealing with dilemmas of ethical choice and the part played by gender and ethnicity in such identity work.


Project Team

Diane Reay

Sumi Hollingworth

Katya Williams

Gill Crozier, University of Sunderland

David James, University of the West of England


Diane Reay —


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