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The Headteacher Induction Programme: evaluation and impact study

Funded by:

the National College for School leadership


September 2003 - December 2006

Led by Professor Ian Menter, University of Glasgow

The Headteacher Induction Programme (HIP) is one of the leadership programmes provided by the National College for School Leadership. It aims to support new first-time headteachers in identifying and addressing their personal and professional development needs so that they can take up the role of headship with confidence, can make a positive impact on the pupils, staff and school community, and can contribute to the development of education nationally.

The evaluation, led by Professor Ian Menter at the University of Glasgow, involves a series of surveys of HIP participants, and a number of school-based case studies. The questionnaires are designed to provide data that can give an overview of participants' expectations and hopes relating to HIP, and to investigate their experiences and perceptions of the programme, and how effectively it meets their needs. The case studies are designed to provide in-depth insights into the ways in which HIP is impacting in specific school concepts.


Project team:

Professor Ian Menter, University of Glasgow
Maggie Walker, University of Paisley
Chris Holligan, University of Paisley
Merryn Hutchings


Merryn Hutchings -
Professor Ian Menter
Faculty of Education
University of Glasgow
11 Eldon St
G3 6NH


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