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Progression at Year Ten: impact of attitudinal, social and cultural factors

Funded by:

West London LSC


November 2003 — November 2004

Student achievement and progress are key educational issues. Current policy and research focuses strongly on issues of 'under-achievement' but considerably less attention has been given to under-performance — that is, when pupils achieve average or good grades at KS2 and KS3 but do not achieve their full individual potential at GCSE. This form of under-achievement often remains hidden and difficult to address.

The Institute for Policy Studies in Education (IPSE) undertook research for London West Learning and Skills Council to examine the role of attitudinal, social and cultural factors on the educational progression of students in West London. The research focused on current year 10 students who have obtained average to good KS2 results but who have since 'under-performed' at KS3. Special attention was given to the views and experiences of white and Black Caribbean pupils. The project interviewed around 80 pupils (including case studies of 10 pupils), parents/carers and a sample of teachers and other professionals from each school and LEA.


Project Team:

Louise Archer
Uvanney Maylor
Barbara Read
Jayne Osgood


Louise Archer -


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