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Undergraduate students' learning, experiences and progression: a longitudinal study

Funded by:

London Metropolitan University


September 1999 - March 2005

This study was designed to investigate the process and outcomes of student learning with particular reference to student achievement and performance; teaching, learning and assessment methods; arrangements for academic on-course student support; and curricular content. The emphasis was on gathering data from the students themselves about their experiences, learning and progress through their degree studies.

Students from four courses/programmes from different disciplinary areas were invited to take part in the research programme. The main research cohort, based on those who completed an initial questionnaire, was 310 students, ie approximately 50 per cent of the full entry cohort across the 4 courses. The progress of this original cohort has been tracked from their enrolment in 1999, with the university student records system being used to gather progression and assessment data. In addition, questionnaires, focus groups and individual interviews have produced a rich body of data.

The student cohort is diverse, and many of the students would be regarded as 'non-traditional' entrants. The study has highlighted the struggles and achievements of these students in the context of government policy to widening participation in higher education.


Project Team:

Dr Carole Leathwood
Marie-Pierre Moreau


Carole Leathwood -


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