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Camden Children's Fund evaluation

Funded by:

the DfES via the CCF


September 2003 - March 2006

The Camden Children's Fund (CCF):
The Children's Fund is part of the Government's strategy to tackle child poverty and social exclusion. It aims to identify and address gaps in preventative services for children aged between 5 and 13 years and to encourage the development of a more holistic, case based, approach to the support of children among mainstream services. In Camden, the local Children's Fund supports seven children's projects. It is managed by a Partnership Group which includes the CCF Programme Manager, a children's consultation and participation officer, representatives from local statutory and voluntary services and the community, and the evaluator.

This evaluation:

The key purpose of local evaluation is to allow partnerships and services to better understand how well they are performing and to act on emerging evidence by making relevant changes to their programme.

The evaluation provides essential information about whether services provided are reaching young people, children and families showing early signs of difficulty and what effect, if any, the services are having on their lives. The focus is on:

  • progress towards meeting national and local objectives and targets
  • the processes through which effective services are delivered; and
  • whether services provide value for money.

Evaluation of the projects is shared between the evaluation team and CCF project staff. Therefore, the evaluation team has run evaluation workshops for project leaders, prior to the completion of evaluation action plans. The evaluation includes both qualitative and quantitative elements.

Children's participation is a key principle of the Children's Fund. Therefore, as part of the evaluation, a group of children have worked with the evaluators, learning how to evaluate, planning and evaluating several projects, analysing data, and communicating findings.
Other evaluation activities include: evaluation of management activities and processes; analysis of project monitoring data; taking part in a project review; assisting projects with evaluation; observing projects in action; carrying out case studies, interviews, and surveys; and feeding back to the Partnership Group.


Project Team:

Barbara Wyvill, educari
Richard Ives, educari
Angela Kakar, educari Roger Grimshaw, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Kings College
Jayne Osgood, IPSE


Barbara Wyvill -


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