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Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme (science): Evaluation

Funded by:

the DfES


March 2003 - July 2003

The UAS is a work-based learning programme, where students are required as part of an education and science module, to spend time in primary and secondary school classrooms. The UAS was based upon previous projects, such as the Pimlico project, where students participate in classrooms, thus engaging pupils in science, and encouraging students to consider teaching as an option. However, the UAS differs in that this programme is a recognised module in a student's degree programme. The UAS has been piloted for the first time in the 2002/2003 academic year in a number of universities in the South East of England.

The UAS has a number of stated aims, including increasing pupils interest in science, increasing undergraduate students interest in teaching, and developing links between schools and their local university. IPSE's role is to evaluate the extent to which the scheme meets these aims, and to make suggestions about the management of the scheme at university, school level, and at project management level. This will involve obtaining the views of the key stakeholders, which will include interviews with students, academic staff, and teachers. Furthermore, some of the pupils who have had an ambassador in their class will be surveyed.


Project team:

Jacinta Dalgety
Barbara Read
Jayne Osgood
Alistair Ross


Alistair Ross -


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