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Data on Teachers: a scoping story

Funded by:

the General Teaching Council for England


2002 - 2003

This was a collaborative project, supported and coordinated by the GTC (England), to produce a 'scoping study': Identifying, Logging and Assessing the Key Data Sources and Datasets on the Teacher Workforce.

The report, together with the accompanying database entries, outlines the research and other data that is available about the teaching workforce in England. The pilot study, commissioned by the General Teaching Council for England, arose from the concern that it was import to have reliable, relevant and comprehensive data in providing a basis for policy decisions and for evaluating the effectiveness of those decisions.

IPSE's contribution was an analysis of ESRC and other research council funded studies that included references to teachers and the teaching profession. Data sets that were available from the 1970s were identified and described, and their location indicated (generally in the ESRC data archive).


Project Team:

Alistair Ross
Elizabeth Bird, Open University
Peter Dolton, University of Newcastle
Tsung-Ping Chung, London School of Economics
Lesley Saunders, General Teaching Council


Alistair Ross -


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