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Black teachers in London

Funded by:

the Mayor of London


April 2003 - September 2003
This project, commissioned by the Mayor of London, reports on various aspects of the Black teaching profession in London. It was commissioned following IPSE contributions to the 2002 Mayor of London's Conferences on London Schools and the Black Child (March) and on Black Public Sector Workers Conference (June).

The report brings together information from a wide range of sources, including the General Teaching Council (England)'s survey of teacher views (December 2002), data from the Department for Education and Science and the Teacher Training Agency, and materials from a range of IPSE surveys of the teaching profession in various London LEAs between 1998 and 2002.

The report is specifically concerned with Black teachers (of African, Caribbean and mixed origin). Reference is made to those of Asian and other origins, but this is not the main focus of the study.

The report covers the estimated size and distribution of the Black teaching force, and suggests that there are disproportionately few Black teachers given both the size of the adult Black population in London, and the proportion of Black children in London schools. It also analyses the demographic characteristics of the Black teaching force, noting that there are relatively few older Black teachers.

Professional characteristics are discussed, including the relatively low number of Black teachers in managerial positions and in headships. The recruitment of Black student teachers in London is analysed, and the relative recruitment profiles of the different London training institutions are described.

A final section examines the attitudes and views of the Black teaching force in London, drawn from the GTCE survey.


Project Team:

Alistair Ross
Uvanney Maylor
Jacinta Dalgety


Alistair Ross -


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