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Sure Start Euston: an Evaluation of home visiting teams

Funded by:

Sure Start


September 2002 - May 2003

Sure Start is the major government initiative to break 'cycles of deprivation' by local programmes working with young children and their families. It is intended that these local programmes share similar characteristics: that they are two generational; non-stigmatising; multi-faceted; persistent; locally driven and culturally appropriate and sensitive to the needs of both the children and their parents. 'Sure Start' Euston's home visiting programme is designed to offer open-access, flexible delivery and effective referral: our evaluation investigated the extent to which this meets local and national objectives, and evaluated the extent to which local agencies and communities feel that they had a stake in the process. The evaluation also intended to identify examples of good practice for future service development, both in Camden and more widely.

A wholly qualitative approach was employed with respect to the investigation, with interviews being conducted with core and peripheral members of the home visiting team, managers within the Sure Start programme and the host agency managers who had seconded members of their staff to the multi-disciplinary team. Three specific groups of parents were also targeted for interview: those who joined the membership scheme but opted not to receive any home visits; those who received minimal contact; and parents who received extensive in-depth support from the home-visiting team.


Project team:

Jayne Osgood


Jayne Osgood -


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