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Attracting, developing and retaining effective teachers in the UK

Funded by:

Department for Education and Skills (for all the UK Education Departments at the Scottish Executive, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Executive)


October 2002 — April 2003


The Activity had several objectives:

        • to synthesise research on issues related to policies concerned with attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining effective teachers;
        • to identify innovative and successful policy initiatives and practices;
        • to facilitate exchanges of lessons and experiences among countries; and
        • to identify policy options.

As part of this, various member countries prepared Country Background Reports on the arrangements and provision in their country, following a standard format. We produced the Country Background Report (CBR) for the UK. Although commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills as the lead agency for the OECD, this also involved working with the Scottish Executive Education Department, the Department of Education Northern Ireland, and the Department for Education and Training of the Welsh Assembly.

The CBR was intended for three main audiences: the Secretariat and other countries participating in the Activity; those interested in teacher policy within the United Kingdom; and those interested in teacher policy at international level. All CBRs are on the OECD website and are widely disseminated, and have informed the final OECD synthesis report to be produced in 2004.


The project involved the collection and evaluation of a wide range of policies from the four governments, the analysis of a series of research and evaluation reports (some commissioned by the administrations or their agencies, some independent), and a review of evidence and commentary on policy initiatives from a range of stakeholders in each country.


Project Team:

Merryn Hutchings

Alistair Ross


Merryn Hutchings —


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