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December 2012- April 2013


We have been commissioned by Ofsted to carry out a study of the legacy and sustainability of the City Challenge progamme, building on the findings of the evaluation which we conducted for the DfE.
City Challenge, launched in 2008, was a programme which aimed to raise standards in primary and secondary schools in the Black Country, Greater Manchester and London – three areas where there is a historic link between underachievement and deprivation. The programme aimed to transform educational provision and to leave a stronger system as a legacy. Within each Challenge area, a bespoke range of approaches and interventions were adopted and tailored to tackle issues according to local needs. It was based on some of the successful approaches from the London Challenge (2003-8).

Ofsted are currently undetaking a larger project - Access and Ahievement 20 years on - following up previous reports they have written about urban education, and the challenges of improving urban schools, and the work IPSE is undertaking will contribute to the main report, as well as resulting in a separate report focusing on City Challenge.


  • The 'Evaluation of the City Challenge Programme' Report for the DfE can be downloaded here
  • The 'Evaluation of the City Challenge Programme' Research Brief can be downloaded here

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Professor Merryn Hutchings
Dr Ayo Mansaray


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