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Retaining teachers in seven LEAs, 2001 - 2002

Funded by:

seven LEAs


April 2001 to March 2002

This project arose out of two earlier projects, Teacher Supply and Retention in six London Boroughs (1998 — 2000) and Teacher Retention in seven LEAs (2000 — 2001).

A retention survey questionnaire was sent to every teacher in every school in the participating LEAs. This sought information about career intentions, teachers' views of the profession as a whole as well as their particular regions, LEAs and schools, and asked what factors contributed most to satisfaction or dissatisfaction with teaching.

The report identified a number of issues, often concerning factors of school management, that contributed significantly to the individual teacher's decision whether or not to move to a different school.


Project Team:

Merryn Hutchings
Alistair Ross
Sarah McCreith
Jacinta Dalgety


Alistair Ross —
Merryn Hutchings —


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