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First-year undergraduate experience: a survey in London Metropolitan University

Funded by:

London Metropolitan University


2002 - 2003

This survey was designed to provide a snapshot of first year undergraduate studentsí experiences of the university during their first term of study.

A questionnaire was distributed to first-year students in November 2002 to elicit their perceptions of their experiences of the university and their courses. 1600 completed questionnaires were returned, producing a sample that is broadly representative of the first-year undergraduate student population.

Some of the key areas that were included in the questionnaire were students’ first impressions, induction and enrolment, courses and teaching, university organisation, facilities for students and personal/social issues. Analyses were conducted to identity the factors that impacted on students’ first impressions and overall perceptions of their first few weeks’ experience.


Project team:

Carole Leathwood
Dave Phillips
Jacinta Dalgety


Carole Leathwood -


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