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Maths in the news

The Math myth
How does a human calculator do it?
A different kind of bookie
Names really do make a difference
Au PS, rue de Solférino, on refuse de parler "arithmétique" , mais on sort les calculettes"
Pupils 'are urged to drop maths'
Using maths to find oil
Maths GCSE coursework is dropped
Cash reward 'would revive maths'
If you were seduced by sudoku, prepare for futoshiki fever
How to ... solve problems
Call for better money skills
"How is it that a man with brain disease can no longer read, yet can still do mathematical calculations?"
"Maths ignorance not acceptable, says Clarke"
"Inside Story, Who wants to ruin a millionaire?"
Does maths need a makeover?
Think outside the box
Scientists challenge official science graduate figures
Why perfect kiss can be formulaic
Wanna piece of this?
2 x maths teachers + 700 houses = 1 x £240m buy-to-let empire
Even God Loves Sudoku
International Rescue
A meeting of great minds
Creative calculations
Safety in Numbers
Who needs maths?

Maths on TV

The Simpsons maths website
Girls just want to have sums Simpsons episode
Official Numb3rs website
Futurama maths website

Maths on the Radio

More or less
In Our Time | BBC World Service: The Wednesday Documentary (not all about maths but several shows have a maths theme)

Maths and Comedy

Demetri Martin
Number Wang

Maths on Clothing

Women and Maths stuff
Geek Chic

Maths in Film

Films about Mathematicians
Maths in the movies website
A Beautiful Mind
Good Will Hunting
Drowning by Numbers
Ein Freund von mir
The Oxford Muders
High School Musical
Mean Girls

Maths in Pop Music

Kate Bush: Pi, check out the lyrics
Radiohead: Karma Police, check out the lyrics
Jimmy Buffett: Math Suks, check out the lyrics
Tom Lehrer: New Math, check out the lyrics
White Stripes: Black Math, check out the lyrics
Modest Mouse: Neverending Math Equation, check out the lyrics
Mos Def: Mathematics, check out the lyrics
Captain Beefheart: Ink Mathematics, check out the lyrics

Maths and Games

Learning patterns for the design and deployment of mathematical games

Maths and Cartoons

La Habra cartoons, La Habra High School Maths Cartoons

Some Maths on youtube

Look Around You
Multiplication!!! Amazing maths
Ricky Sings I Hate Maths
Heather's favourite Numb3rs youtube
Moebius Transformations Revealed
Beauty and the Geek UK opening credits
The Big Bang Theory trailer
Beautiful Young Minds
Mathematical pi song
Mean Girls mathlete rap
Mathematics Genius
New Math
Math with Madeline
Math with Mason
Math girl

Miscellaneous stuff

Some articles on using pop culture in teaching maths
Number day
How maths can make you rich and famous
One plus one equals three (maths and design)
The Mandelbrot set in Popular Culture
Ramnujan/Hardy (play and book)
Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics
Speed rubik cubing