Mathematical Images and Identities: Education, entertainment, social justice -- Mathematical Images and Gender Identities

Gremlin peeking

Gremlin, pointing

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individual interviews

We carried out individual interviews with ten Year 11 at three schools: an 11-18 London comprehensive school that we have called Shelley, an 11-18 rural comprehensive school in the South of England that we have called Franklin and an 11-16 Catholic comprehensive school in a large town in the South-West of England that we have called Saint Joan's.

We also interviewed 11 third year undergraduates in mathematics and 12 undergraduates and postgraduates in humanities and social sciences, about half at two Russell Group universities that we have called Wollstonecraft, Herschel and Meitner and half at three post-1992 universities that we have called Gillespie, James' Park and Charlton-Moore.

Here you can find our interview schedule (and the accompanying pictures) an outline of our method of analysis and our key findings.